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Domain parking variation new to me

In the last few days I’ve been doing a lot of internet searching and reading to try and understand the concept of domain parking a bit more so I could write somehting useful in domainparkingblog.  The underlying concept is quite simple. Get a domain, have someone else host it and forget about it.

That’s the traditional domain parking model. OK… I’ve done that. I’ve parked about 5 domains at domainsponsor. After all I need to be able to compare traditional domain parking with the variation I’m trying.

However, I do not really hold out much hope for this type of domain parking.

Why? Well, I’ve been to the parked sites and they are dull, uninspiring and all the rest, and that blue colour they use just screams ‘boring parked ad laden worthless page’.  Of course no one might ever go there either. Why not?  Because there’s no real content on the site to attract anyone or to keep them there.  And the chances of them landing on one of those pages are remote because the best keyword domain names appear to have long since gone.

However in my surfing I have come across some parked domains that look like a proper site….menu on the left with relevant categories etc, an innocuous first page and you actually think this is a real content loaded site.

(I came upon these sites because I was trying to come up with good keyword domain names, only to find that they had all been taken. So I typed these domain names into the address bar and 99% of these sites with the domain names I wanted were parked sites, some of them proudly displaying their sale price!  But I digress.)

OK, so back to this site that looked like a real site, I think it was brokeneggs.com (no I didn’t want that specific domain name, but I was so frustrated that all the names I wanted had gone, I tried this one just to see if it was available).

As I said, it looked like a real site, until you clicked on one of the index links, when up pops a page of sponsored advertising links related to the index link.  These were not Google ads, so I suspect they may have been affiliate links.

But it looked good initially, and is probably another variation of domain parking, and I think one that I will emulate for a couple of domain names and see how they get on. It does however have an annoying pop-under when you leave the site.

Anyway, back to those domainsponsor parked sites I was talking about – my first reaction to the site was ‘Oh God, what am I doing here, time to go’ .  Now if I feel like that, I’m sure hundreds others might also feel the same way.  But hey ho, maybe not.

For now I have two other sites I’m working on that will turn into parked domains, this christmas one and this one on emerging markets etfs.

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