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How to increase income from your parked domains | Beyond Domain Parking

Beyond Domain Parking

A better way to earn money from your parked sites


How to increase income from your parked domains

Well, rightly on wrongly, I’ve come to the conclusion that trying to get income from domain parking is a mug’s game, in most cases.  I’m sure there are a few people out there who are doing very well out there and I’m sure they will post a comment and tell me so.

Parking domains in the non-traditional way, that is using the methods described in beyond domaining, has been more fruitful and has generated some income, certainly better than traditional domain parking.

Now in my last post I did say that you could augment what you are doing with parked domains, but it does involve a bit more work, initially.  But once it is done and set up, the domain remains parked and you should start to see better results. I certainly did, and got better google rankings for my keywords.

The information and steps I needed to do was in another e-book , Nomad’s Guide to Make Money Online.  This is a no-nonsense book that gives you a step by step approach to increasing the monetizing of your domains.

It is quite an in-depth book and has real down to earth wisdom, information and a step by step approach to tell you how to maximise the income from your domains.  The information here is provided by an average joe, just like you and me, called Janet Smith.

Now you may know that there are a few blogs out there that exist just to help out us average joes, sites like Splork’s Lost Ball in High Weeds who’s current post is about the use or misuse of autoblogging and who has a lot to say on the activity of making money from blogs, giving truthful insights into the sheer amount of work involved and the committment required and Grizzly’s make money for beginners blog who’s latest post on the site is about the number of visitors required to get a High Alexa ranking. But that  isn’t all.

Griz’ site has years of information and posts about how to generate money from sites, but that information is all over the place.  And while you can plough through all the back posts and get the information yourself, it is going to take you an awfully long time.

This is where Janet Smith came with her Nomad’s guide to making money online. Janet followed Griz’ post for a long time and then came up with the idea of distilling all the information and putting it together into an easy to read, easy to follow e-book.  She talked to Griz to get his OK and he liked the idea and told her to get on with it.

And that’s what makes Janet’s book so valuable.  It is a distillation of great ideas used by real people, not marketing hype and fluff that’s put out just to line the pocket’s of the ‘internet marketing gurus’ .

This book is a real resource for those who want to go to the next step of getting income from their domains or free blogs.

And what’s more, if you have a query, or want something clarified, you can email Janet and she will reply.  I know that from personal experience.  I had a question that I wanted cleared up so I emailed her, and within a couple of days I received a reply. Now sometimes she may reply faster or slower than that, it depends on what she’s doing.

And I have no hesitation in recommending this book, and if you go to Griz’ site, or Splork’s you will be able to see why this book, Nomad’s guide to making money online is such great value and a must have workbook. Do yourself a favour, cut your learning time to time it takes you to read the book, and implement it, about 3 days at most, one day at best.  But it won’t end there, this book will springboard you to learning more and more, doing more and more, and over time will help you get cash from your sites.  Janet did it and is still doing it using this method.  Griz did it and is still doing it. I did it and am still doing it.

Time for you to start. Download it now.

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