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Domain Parking does not work unless….

I wrote an update on my domain parking progress some time ago and it’s time to add to it.

Well I’ve had domains parked for over 3 months now and the results have been very poor.  This is traditional domain parking. That is, you have a site, you register it with a domain parking host and wait for the traffic.

Of course it has not happened. Why not?  Well part of it has to do with the domain parking companies terms of service (TOS).  The domain parking companies TOS invariably state that no promotion of the parked domain is allowed!  Traffic to your parked domain must come from type-ins or expired links.  So how does this help you get income from parked domains.

Well, I suspect for most people, me included, it does not, ( if you’ve had a differen experience feel free to leave a comment about it).

Unless of course you have a great domain name that will get organic type-in traffic, or you acquire an old domain that has good search engine traffic still, but the original site is not up.  I suspect that over time traffic to this type of site will drop off, unless you periodically revitalise it.

Mind you, if you do acquire a domain with good traffic already, there’s no need to park the domain with a domain parking host, you may as well use the techniques in the Beyond Domaining guide to augment the traffic and really make it pay for you, rather than raking in the cash for the domain parking company,

It is the domain parking host that is the real winner here, not you.

There is also another side effect to domain parking, a serious disadvantage of domain parking. It is this.  When you park your domain at the domain parking host, your website is NOT accessed by the web crawlers, your site is NOT indexed.

So if you have parked your domain for a year or so, you have lost a year of website age on google etc.

This is why traditional domain parking is such a bust for the average joe.  For us average chaps I would recommend starting out with Beyond Domaining and giving that a go, getting experience and then adding something else to the mix.

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