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Beyond Domain Parking Progress

Here’s a little update on Beyond Domain Parking to generate cash.  At present the results are not very impressive. There have been a few clicks but not enough. However, because of keyword choice the clicks have been of reasonable value.

The key is still about traffic and getting ranked high enough in google.  Also it seems that you need to have about a thousand sites to generate enough income to be meaningful.

This obviously raises the question of affiliate marketing and selling affiliate products via the websites, or at least some of them.

So I have not cracked this yet and 1000 sites may take about 20 years….hmmm. I’m prepared to wait 15, lol, but 20?

Certainly parking domains traditionally at domain parking services, has been useless – they still need traffic to get to your parked sites so if you are going to promote a parked site it may as well be one on the principles of beyond domain parking. You can get the how to guide here.

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