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Beyond Domain Parking

A better way to earn money from your parked sites


Domain parking and beyond – my quest to get passive income from my domains.

Why should I, or you, or anyone for that matter, consider domain parking?

A good question so here goes.  I was interested in making money from the internet having heard that anyone can do this.  So I grabbed a few domain names I thought would be good, with the idea of parking them and getting some passive income? But did I do it? No?  Why?… because some required upfront payment just to park the site, and others seemed too difficult to set up. So I didn’t get around to doing it.  But the idea did not go away.

I kept thinking of ways I could generate a passive income.

My problem is that I’m  really turned off by all those great promises from all those flashy websites about making money on the internet – I’d tried a few, but nothing really worked for me.  But that’s my problem. I’m sure some of these work for other people.

And then recently I came across this site with this little e-book for sale which explained how you could go beyond domain parking to make your domain names work for you.

So I thought to myself  ‘this looks interesting, it’s cheap enough, so let’s give it a go.’

Now one of the reasons I did this is because I like being in control. With normal domain parking sites you’re not in full control, so reason number one why I thought I’d do this.

This site also promised a step by step guide to his system fo going beyond domain parking. Now I have seen a lot of other sites saying the exact same thing, as I’m sure you have.  The difference is that on his site he has a bunch of comments from people who bought the e-book.

They said his e-book did what it said on the tin!

Of course these posts could just have been fabricated, but I didn’t think so. Why? Because some of the posts had examples of what they’d done after following his step-by-step approach.

Now his website states that his step-by-step approach can increase domain income by 300% from whatever your current domain income is.  As my current domain income is NIL, zero etc, any income would be welcome.

I have a few domain names registered and what with the cost of hosting, for which I use Godaddy,
and to cost of registering the domain names, I reckon that my initial costs are around £110 or $176.   So this is the amount of money I want to recoup to see whether this system works.

I have had these few (less than 10) domain names for some time but have not done anything with them, as I said before, so they have no google history or anything.

I’m expecting that it will take about 6 months for any significant activity on my parked domains.

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Very interestingly, the author of the beyond domain parking e-book suggests that rather than buying new domain names and registering them, you buy existing domains with a google history.

I can see some sense in this but if you have some great ideas, then I don’t see registering a new domain is a big problem, provided you are willing to wait a bit for the google exposure to grow.

By the way, his e-book gives the details of how to buy existing domains and the traps to watch out for.

I’ll be updating this blog when I have something else to say, but for now its going to be all about following his step-by-step method and see what happens.

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  1. December 16th, 2009 at 11:42 pm

    Linkslave says:

    Doing some web surfing and noticed your website looks a bit messed up in my K-meleon browser. But luckily hardly anybody uses it anymore but you might want to check it out.

  2. February 23rd, 2010 at 11:24 am

    Curious domainer says:

    your skadoogle links to the beyond domain parking site are not working? can you fix teh link. this sounds pretty intersting.

  3. February 23rd, 2010 at 6:35 pm

    admin says:

    Thanks for that, I’ll see to the link later today.

  4. February 23rd, 2010 at 11:10 pm

    admin says:

    Having a bit of a problem with the skaDoogle link, but fixed the link another way for now for the beyond domaining site.

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